Here's the deal. 

There are a lot of ways we can work together to realize your digital dreams. We take a custom approach to every client that considers their unique needs and goals.

When we on-board clients we set them up for success so they can function if and when we’re not around. A lot of what we do requires laying the right ground work: marking the road map, defining the standard guidelines and rules, acquiring and implementing the proper tools and team members. We can take over the day-to-day on project workloads ourselves, train and educate your staff, or help find and hire the right people for the job. We have extensive expertise in digital storytelling, audience development, social media, and product management, but we also regularly tap into our deep network of technologists and creatives across the world to get the best work done. 

Keep reading for a full description of each of our services and if you don't see something here you think we might help with, please reach out to us.


Digital Marketing

We create seasonal and evergreen marketing strategies for target demographics that can be disseminated across all of your channels including web, app, social media, advertising, and email.

  • Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Audience Development & Growth
  • Influencer Campaigns
  • Social Media Management and Execution
  • Social Media Advertising


Digital Product Management

Don't know what SEO, SEM or deep links are? Stuck on which proposal to choose for your website redesign or don't even know who to reach out to? Need help talking to your developers and designers to express your vision and keep everyone on track? We're here to help. Nina Frazier Hansen started this company after working for a decade in digital publishing. She's had experience connecting teams and departments to help redesign and build websites and apps for publications like Mashable and and oversaw and directed entire product builds including the official app for NYFW which included an immense e-commerce component. We know how to guide projects, motivate teams, and translate the digital noise that might have your head spinning. 


Project Management

Did we mention we're great managers? We know how to keep a project on task, keep everyone engaged and see it through on a deadline and a budget. Whether you want to assemble a team of digital experts and are starting your company from scratch, are just setting up e-commerce for the first time, starting a series of pop-ups that need marketing, coordinating influencers, or hosting events, we're here to make your ideas come alive.


Content Development & Editorial

  • Strategy
  • Copywriting and Editing
  • Product, Event and Lifestyle Photography
  • Video
  • LIVE digital events, social-first content, story takeovers & more


Event Planning

Conference events, intimate industry dinners, Q&As, workshops & more. We can plan your event from top to bottom, including sourcing the right venue, vendors and handling tickets and invites. 



We work exclusively with Gallery PR to offer our lifestyle and fashion clients traditional & digital PR, campaign strategy, product launch support, product placement, brand profiles, celebrity brand endorsements, influencer relations, sample trafficking, product gifting, and dressing opportunities.